Toyota BB Roomy Hatchback with Hand Controls and Rear Crane

  • 5
  • Hand Controlled Vehicle
  • Swing out Seat Vehicle


A fun roomy hatchback with seating for 5. Radial hand controls, hand brake, hand accelerator with Steering wheel spinner and Left foot accelerator. CD AM/FM radio

  • Electric Swing out seat front left
  • Seats 5
  • Radial hand controls and steering wheel spinner
  • Left foot accelerator
  • Rear Crane rated 35kg, helps to stow wheelchair
  • Some space for luggage and equipment
  • Petrol, automatic transmission
  • Central locking

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Enquire about this vehicle

Enquire about this vehicle

Vehicle Specifications

Mobility Equipment Radial Hand controls
Steering wheel spinner
Left foot accelerator
Swingout seat
Rear crane
Seating Arrangements 2 plus 3 in the rear
Engine Size 1.5
Transmission Automatic
Fuel Petrol
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Seating Configuration

Vehicle Layout-DJC90