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Relying on taxis for work, medical appointments, or school runs can be costly and impractical for clients recovering from unexpected injuries. Long wait times only add to the frustration.

Enter Freedom Mobility’s Modified Rental Vehicles. Our specially designed rentals offer an affordable and convenient solution, providing the independence and freedom needed to maintain busy lives.

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What injuries are Modified Rental Vehicles suitable for:

Driving with all kinds of injuries is possible with Freedom Mobility’s specially adapted vehicles. Whether someone is in a ‘moonboot’ or cast, have a leg, foot, knee, arm, back or hip injury, or recovering from surgery, we have a modified vehicle that will suit your clients’ needs.

Benefits of a Modified Rental Vehicle

  • Enhanced independence and well-being
  • Perfect for resuming work and daily routines, requiring less paid or unpaid assistance.
  • Greater convenience and flexibility compared to taxis, and often cheaper too.
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Our Range of Vehicles:

We have a range of other modifications such as ramps, indicator extensions and indicator toggles, boot cranes and more.  Let us know your client’s requirements and we can help you with what modifications will be most suitable.

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Booking Made Easy:

Contact our friendly response team on 0800 864 2529 or [email protected] to discuss your client’s needs.

  1. Click here and make an equiry for either Hand Control Vehicle or Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle.
  2. Set up a Purchase Order with our ACC Vendor Codes
  3. Send us the Purchase order number, including client name, address, phone number and email.  The approved dates for the hire.
  4. And let the customer know Freedom Mobility will be in touch with them soon.

Recovery is easier with Freedom Mobility’s Modified Rental Vehicles. Contact us today to get started!

What is a Hand Control Car?

Ever heard of one? It’s a clever way of transferring accelerator and brake controls within reach of the steering wheel. Perfect for clients who can’t use their feet during recovery, whether from an Achilles injury, knee operation, or anything else.

Who Benefits Most?

  • Those living in remote areas
  • Clients with dependents or frequent appointments
  • Shift workers and primary caregivers
  •  Self-employed individuals
  • Anyone facing a long rehab period

Qualified Driving Instructors:

Our team includes qualified driving instructors who provide familiarisation lessons for all clients new to hand control vehicles. These sessions typically involve hands-on experience with the controls, enabling clients to drive independently and to practise common driving manoeuvres. Throughout the instruction, the instructors will use roads that the client will need to navigate regularly during their recovery period.

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Nationwide Delivery and Door-to-Door Service

We Deliver Anywhere

From major cities to rural areas across both islands, we bring our vehicles right to your client’s doorstep. Simple, convenient, and hassle-free.

Explore our resources:

Environmental Responsibility – Trees That Count

At Freedom Mobility, we’re committed to reducing our carbon footprint and giving back to the environment. Did you know that for every ACC hire lasting over two weeks, we pledge to donate a native tree through the Trees That Count planting initiative? Thanks to this initiative, we’ve already planted over 650 trees, contributing to a greener, healthier planet.

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