Proud Of Myself

“I absolutely love the freedom offered by the car and am so proud of myself. I am now able to attend hospital appointments and can get the walker and scooter in and out of the car by myself.”

Minka K, Wellington

Absolutely Perfect

“I was very happy with our car’s performance over our rental period, it was absolutely perfect for my trip to Hamilton. I particularly loved the drivers seat as it was very comfortable to sit in.”

Bryan T, Auckland

Keeping Me Going

“Thanks so much to the Freedom team for thier service and keeping me going over the past year! Who knew I’d get more comfortable driving a hand controlled vehicle than a normal one! It’s taking me a while to reverse that! Your team at Freedom have my utmost appreciation. Thanks so much.”

Colleen L, Ohaupo

Changed My Life

“Oh my God – this car has changed my life. It is unbelievable, I am driving further and further each day as I get more confident.”

Christy S, Auckland

Have My Independance Back

“The car is amazing. I love you guys. It has made my job so much easier. I have my independence back. Thank you so much!”

Kristina W, Hawera

Professional and Thorough

“The van was absolutely perfect and we got Mum moved into her new house with ease. A special thanks to Tui who bought out the van and showed us how everything worked. He was very professional and very thorough in showing us how to keep Mum safe. We would definitely use your services again and highly recommend you to other people.”

Sue M, Auckland

Best News Ever

“I love love love my new KIA. It’s the best news ever for 2020”

Bill O, Christchurch

So Simple

“Thank you so much!! Your quoting system is so easy to deal with and lays everything out for us. I know that your procedures are robust. It has been an absolute pleasure dealing with you – you have made the process so simple!”

Carol, ACC

Transformed My Life

“Freedom mobility’s car has transformed my life. It is just amazing”

Rachel U, Blenheim

A Very Special Day

“The outing on Saturday was really a very special day. My friend Jo commented as soon as she was in the van how wonderful the visibility was. That really was what made her day as I drove her around the northern suburbs where she grew up and lived her adult life as well. The views were stunning and the changes over the years interesting for her. She has been left with lots of wonderful memories and she says thank you to your team on her behalf.”

Helen J, Wellington