Disability Vehicle Hire for Special Event Or Family Occasions

Whether it is a family event, a sporting event, or a corporate event, you want to take everyone with you.  At Freedom Mobility we have vehicles specifically designed for the easy and comfortable transport of disabled, elderly, or mobility impaired family or colleagues.

Disabled Vehicle Hire For Family Events

Family events are not the same unless the entire family is present.  That can be difficult if a family member finds travelling in a conventional vehicle difficult because of disability or age.

We want to help your whanau come together for family events such as:

  • Weddings
  • Funerals and tangis
  • Family reunions
  • Marae gatherings
  • Special birthdays and anniversaries, and
  • Special family outings

For drivers with temporary or permanent disability, we have a full range of modified cars and vans.    We have vans with wheelchair accessibility and storage.

Find out more about disability vehicle hire for your next family event.

Disabled Vehicle Hire For Sporting Events

The team at Freedom Mobility are pleased to have been involved in supplying transportation for several Parafed sporting and recreational activities.  We have transported teams and individual athletes from almost every sporting discipline.

Whether you are a disabled athlete or the coach or manager of a team containing disabled competitors, we are able to meet your team’s transport requirements.

We bring the hire vehicle(s) to your sports club or point of arrival, show you how to use the disability equipment and wish you luck in your tournament or competition.

Contact us to find out more about disability vehicle hire for your next sporting event.

Disabled Vehicle Hire For Corporate And Business Events

Today a number of companies and businesses have employees who have a disability that makes transportation difficult.  There is no need for them to miss out on corporate events, conferences and training, however.

Freedom Mobility specialise in disability transport.  We can provide transport anywhere throughout New Zealand.  We will drop a vehicle off to you, train you in its use to ensure passengers and driver are safe, and leave you to enjoy your company event.

Find out more about disability vehicle hire for corporate events.