Retirement Villages - Mobility Vehicle Hire or Lease

The elderly have a wide-range of needs when it comes to travel.  Your retirement home or retirement village can hire or lease a vehicle that caters for every disability need; including wheelchair access.

Mobility Vehicle Hire

At Freedom Mobility we have wheelchair accessible vans available for daily hire or longer term hire.

Short term hiring of modified vehicles is perfect for smaller retirement homes that do not need a disability vehicle on a day to day basis, or where they wish to supplement their fleet for a larger outing.

Longer term hiring is ideal for longer trips or when the home’s own vehicle is undergoing maintenance or repair.

We have easy access vehicles for the elderly or wheelchair accessible vehicles for those who are in wheelchairs.

Our wheelchair accessible vehicles:

  • Come with wheelchair lift, wheelchair hoist, or wheelchair ramp
  • Can take one, two or three wheelchairs at a time
  • Have seating configurations so passengers can face one another while travelling
  • Come with certified fully adjustable restraint systems, to ensure safety and security
  • Are well laid-out and spacious with plenty of headroom
  • Are well maintained and meet all VANZ and LVVTA certification standards.

We are also able to supply modified cars modified with easy access.

Mobility Vehicle Leasing

Many retirement homes have an everyday need for a disability modified vehicle but see the benefits that exist in leasing rather than purchasing a vehicle.  At Freedom Mobility we can arrange to lease one of our modified vehicles to your retirement village; leasing usually involves usage for a year or more.

The advantages for a retirement home in leasing a disability vehicle include:

  • We pay the registration fees
  • We organise the CoF
  • We take care of all repairs and maintenance, and
  • If the vehicle is off the road, we supply a replacement.

To find out more about a disability van for your retirement home, get in touch.