Our Conservation Efforts


EKOS Carbon offsetting

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Here at Freedom Mobility, we are committed to carbon reduction and continuing the ongoing fightfile1 5 768x1024 - Our Conservation Efforts against climate change. We have achieved EKO’s Zero Carbon Business Operations Certification for the 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 calendar years. This means Freedom Mobility’s carbon emissions from business operations is 100% offset through the purchase of certified carbon credits from native reforestation and protection projects.  For more information please see our Freedom Mobility Ltd Carbon Inventory Report (2021 Calendar Year).


Office Planting days


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While we are very proud of our certification, we want to go above and beyond to better our environment. One of the most powerful ways we can combat climate change is by planting and maintaining new trees and bushes. These trees help attract local birds and wildlife, clean our waterways, and reduce CO2 levels in the atmosphere. For every 10 trees planted 4.36 tonnes of CO2 will be removed from the earth’s atmosphere every 50 years. Not only that, but the CO2 is converted to oxygen bettering our air pollution.

We believe that trees are nature’s miracle workers which is why Freedom Mobility have multiple tree planting days a year. On these days, the whole team gets together and goes off into the bush where they spend the day planting native trees. It is always a highlight on our calendar as the team gets to spend the day in the sun bettering our environment.


Trees That Count

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In addition to this, we have partnered with Trees that Count, an organisation with a community of native tree planters who they connect with funders who want to make a difference. For every new hire over 2 weeks that comes through ACC, Freedom Mobility has committed to ensuring a tree is planted through Trees that Count. This combination of planting the trees ourselves, and funding them elsewhere ensures that new native trees are being planted all over the country. We have already planted 672 trees, and we are still aiming for more.  You can keep an eye on our efforts here: Tree Funder | Freedom Mobility Ltd | Trees That Count

Protecting our environment is a job for everyone. No matter how big or small, every action counts. If we are going to negate climate change and preserve our gorgeous landscapes, rivers, and native bush for future generations, all of us have to get involved. Freedom Mobility is dedicated to being environmentally conscious citizens, it is a part of who we are. We go above and beyond what is expected of us because we believe in preserving the beauty of this country for the kiwis of today and tomorrow.