Disability Rental Vehicles

Freedom Mobility’s fleet of vehicles specifically modified for disabled people contains over 200 cars and vans. To help you make a quick and informed decision, you can search our data base for the disability vehicle that best suits your needs. Don’t forget, though; if you can’t find the vehicle you hoped for, contact us immediately. Chances are we will have a car or van to suit you or, if we don’t, will be able to modify an existing vehicle to meet your needs.

Going Extra Mile in Rental Transport for the Disabled

The team at Freedom Mobility pride themselves on:

  • Being flexible – we want you to be mobile and free to travel. That means we go the extra yards to provide a vehicle that suits your needs even if it means adapting one of our existing cars or vans.
  • Seeing every client as an individual – contact Freedom Mobility and you contact a real person. We will get back to you and listen so that we understand you needs and can exceed your disability rental car expectations.
  • Providing freedom – that’s what we want to do for you; provide a vehicle that will give you the freedom to go wherever you want to go. Whether you are a tourist or a self-employed person who needs to get around your clients, we want to make it happen for you.
  • Helping people enjoy quality of life – life is for living and New Zealand is a great country to do it in. We want you to see as much of it as possible.