Amazing Efficiency

“Your efficiency is amazing! Thank you for making this so easy,”

Tahnee H, ACC

Life As Normal

“The car really enabled me to still be able to continue with life as normal, opposed to having to order taxi’s and be restricted to only going to certain ACC approved places (like work and home).”

Lynsey M, Christchurch

First Time

“I would like to thank-you for the great service on our recent trip. Leva is a great asset to your team, was very helpful, friendly given our first time utilising a mobility vehicle for our mum who is a double amputee. We will for sure utilise your services again. Many thanks.”

Mel H

Exceptional Care

“An enormous thank you to all involved in the exceptional care and service that we received yesterday.You are such an amazing team!!”

Rachelle M

Helpful Like You Wouldn’t Believe

“The car been helpful like you wouldn’t believe! It has made the biggest difference having the freedom to get myself and the kids around. Without it, I swear I’d have lost the plot being stuck at home lol. I’m so very grateful for the support I’ve been given over the past months – and Freedom has been a massive part of that!!”

Kate E, Christchurch

Life Changer

“Yes, it was a life changer – great little car too, I’m gonna miss it”

Hayley R, Dunedin


” Everything going well with the car. I love that it is so economical and am now looking to buy one for myself”

Natasha T, Auckland


“The convenience of having the Kangoo at the ready with it’s ease of access has been liberating.Your backup service has all been great. You’re all awesome, thank you. “

Bob M, Invercargill

More Than Willing To Help

“Quick respondents, kind staff, more than willing to help at any time. Thanks very much for the pleasant contact that we had.”

Ernest B

Problem Free

“We ordered the car from Austria via email, problem-free. We got a Honda Fit Shuttle with a huge trunk, no problem with the wheelchair and the luggage. The car had free GPS! The organisation was perfect, we got the car in time in front of our hotel, got an explanation in detail. Freedom mobility organized a parking permit, which was in the car, perfect. All in the company are very friendly and helpful. The only disadvantage is, they are in New Zealand, only, my vacations would be much better if they would offer their cars worldwide :-)”

Wolfgang S, Austria