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800px Fluffy white alpaca at Agrodome in Rotorua - Agrodome
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800px Fluffy white alpaca at Agrodome in Rotorua 240x180 - Agrodome
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141 Western Road, Ngongotaha Rotorua, Bay Of Plenty 3010
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Learn all about New Zealand’s farm life at the Agrodome. For over 40 years, visitors from all over the world have travelled to the Agrodome to see its fun and informative Farm Show. Including a cast of farm animals, talented hosts and audience members this show teaches its audience core farming skills such as training a farm dog or shearing sheep.

Agrodome also offers a tour of its 350-acre working farm. During the tour vistors encounter and feed many friendly farm animals. They also get the opportunity to taste the kiwifruit juice and honey they cultivate on the farm.

To meet cute baby animals, a stop at the Farmyard nursery is an absolute must. Cuddles and photos are encouraged. These babies are adorable and love human attention.

Finish off your trip with a stop at the Woollen Mill and Shearing Museum. This museum is dedicated to the remarkable story of NZ pioneers the Bowen brothers and allows you to discover the full process of wool from the Sheep’s back to human clothing.