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Hobbiton Tour

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501 Buckland Road, Hinuera, Waikato 3472
Detailed information

The Hobbiton Movie Set was a significant location used for The Lord of the Rings film trilogy and The Hobbit film series. You can now take tours around this area.

Freedom Mobility client feedback:

“We went to Hobbiton. The carpark and the path to the ticket office are gravelly and a bit uneven, but then it is still a working farm. There is a ticket discount for wheelchair users. We had to follow the tour bus in our van up to the set, the paths quite steep and narrow. I got around perfectly fine, with help on the steeper bits, though I physically couldn’t get up to Bag End – the hill was very steep and I wasn’t brave enough to attempt it. There is a cobbled bridge, and the paths are a little bit uneven in places, but that is to be expected” – Jasmine

“We drove to Hobbiton. We hadn’t booked ahead but we were still sorted out with our own guide in a golf cart at no extra cost. We would highly recommend this trip” – Jane L

“We traveled to the beach via Hobbiton and Matamata. An absolute must for anyone who is a LOTR or Hobbit fan, and if you aren’t then you will be after the visit. As Terry is in a powered chair, he was unable to get on the Hobbiton tour buses, which take you over to the movie set. Terry’s chair allowed him access to the pathways of the Hobbit village. The pathway, however, does take a steep turn upwards and becomes stairs for about 25 metres where it reverts path again. Here, as Terry’s chair is quite versatile we were able to assist him traverse the the hillside beside the stairs to get onto the path again at the top. I wouldn’t recommend this if you were travelling accessibly on your own, unless you have a good power-chair or you are incredibly adept at wheeling your manual chair up grassy, wet, and muddy slopes. There are accessible toilets on set, both at the Hobbit village and the Green Dragon pub, which is where we ended up at the end of the tour. There was wheelchair access to the pub. It was an absolutely brilliant and amazing morning, and I expected to see hobbits scurrying about their business… please pre-book as they fill the tours quickly” – Helen P