Kiwi North - Whangarei Museum, Kiwi House & Heritage Park

Kiwi 01 1024x768 - Kiwi North - Whangarei Museum, Kiwi House & Heritage Park

Kiwi North - Whangarei Museum, Kiwi House & Heritage Park

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500 State Highway 14, Maunu, Whangarei, Northland, Northland 0179
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Come see New Zealand’s national bird in Northland’s only Kiwi house. With over 25 hectares of farmland, forest and bush, Kiwi North hosts a museum, nocturnal kiwi house, gift store and a Victorian heritage building, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Visit the museum for the local history of Northland. Features over 80,000 artifacts including a 200 years old Kauri Waka there is plenty to discover. Or see a kiwi up close and personal in the state-of-the-art kiwi house. This enclosure transforms day into night and replicates seasonal temperatures allowing the kiwis to interact with their enclosure as they would the wild. Keeping the kiwis’ company are the Tuatara, an ancient reptile species from the time of the dinosaurs, and several species of native geckos. Or travel back in time in the 1886 “Glorat” Clarke Homestead. This house was built by Dr Alexander Clarke and his wife Mary in 1884 and was lived in by the following two generations of the family. As only one family has ever lived here, this Kauri villa remains in outstanding condition and is full of historical items, including early wheelchair designs.


While there are some gentle hills and occasional loose stones, the area has good mobility and is easy to get around in.