Southern Discoveries Milford Sound Cruise

southern discoveries - Southern Discoveries Milford Sound Cruise

Southern Discoveries Milford Sound Cruise

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Milford Sound Visitor Centre, Freshwater Basin Milford Sound, 9679
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Cruising along calm waters between sheer cliffs carved by centuries of ice erosion, immerse yourself in a mysterious world in an undersea viewing chamber and catch sight of majestic Mitre Peak and cascading waterfalls that thunder into the depths below. It’s no wonder Rudyard Kipling described it as the ‘eighth wonder of the world’.

Freedom Mobility client feedback: “I went on a cruise of Milford Sound. From my research I established that only two of the cruise operators can accommodate wheelchairs. In the end I went with the Southern Discoveries because their vessel, the Pride of Milford, offered the best options for getting on/off the boat most easily, best views from inside the cabin with the freedom to roam about in my chair and a free breakfast that I could serve myself from the buffet. Travelling with family members I was able to get outside onto the forward deck, but this would not have been possible on my own. They helped my over the sea sills and up a couple of steps. The staff did have ramps for the rear deck but the views were not as good from there.” – Andy K.