Tane Mahuta (Giant Kauri Tree)

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Tane Mahuta (Giant Kauri Tree)

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150 Colville Road, Dargaville, Northland 0377
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This short walk leads you under cooling shade of the forest canopy to the majestic Tāne Mahuta, New Zealand’s largest living kauri tree. Not far into the walk, a sweeping corner of the track suddenly brings you face to face with the ‘Lord of the Forest’. When you catch your first breath-taking view of this magnificent tree, you’ll feel compelled to pause for a while. You can almost feel Tāne Mahuta’s strength and ancient presence, and its overwhelming size makes visitors look like dwarfs.

Freedom Mobility client feedback: “Accessibility wise coming up from Auckland there are TWO “stop offs” for tourists to go to visit Tane Mahuta. The first one is not great… as it’s a fair hike through to the tree. PLEASE don’t go to that one – it’s HOURS long (even I’ve never been through that one). The second one has a MUCH better walkway and access to it. It’s a little bit further along from the first one. Look for the signs on the road. They show the stop to go through with a wheelchair, it has a walkway (although it’s not all wooden track – just a warning). There is a lot of parking on both sides of the road and if you have a disability permit (or have applied for one) then parking there, should not be a problem.”