The Vicarage

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The Vicarage

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Contact Information
69 Talbot Street, Geraldine, Canterbury 7930
Detailed information

For those who like a bit of history in their accommodation, you cannot get much better than The Vicarage. This historic building was fully refurbished during 2019 and is now open to welcome visitors from all over the globe. The Vicarage features wonderful stained glassed windows and rich wood panelling. Each of the 6-guest room are beautifully themed and the building features a communal sitting area for guests to get to know each other. Discover New Zealand’s most beautiful town from this central accommodation and enjoy the calm atmosphere of this Geraldine landmark.


The Vicarage only has one accessible room, Archdeacon Harold Purchas Room. Archdeacon Harold lived in this room for 10 years from 1920-1930.

There is ample parking out the front with an accessible park available. Entry to the building is available via ramp to the front door.

There is plenty of space in the room for manoeuvrability.

The bathroom has grab rails and a wet floor with a fixed seat.