Whale Watching Kaikoura

whale watch - Whale Watching Kaikoura

Whale Watching Kaikoura

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Whaleway Station Rd, Kaikoura, Canterbury 7300
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Whale Watch provides a range of tours which you can take to see whales just off Kaikoura.

Freedom Mobility client feedback:

“In Kaikoura, two guys basically lifted me on the Whale Watch bus and on to an aisle chair of sorts to get me on the boat – quite awesome.” – Keith

“We also booked the Whale Watching in Kaikoura however on our day they were not taking ‘mobility’ issues so we rebooked for the next day however it was cancelled. They also did not tell us that they would be ‘carrying’ Tony in one of their chairs down the steps into the boat and he does not do ‘carry’ as he is over 100kgs” – Deb

“We had a bit of difficulty at Whale Watch Kaikoura, because the seas were a little rough and the boats were on “mobility restriction.” The age restriction was five years, so they’d let children five years or older on, but not me. How sad. But, it all worked out for the best, because we received a voucher for an airplane flight. So we drove a short distance to the airport, and had a private plane flight in a small Cessna where we were able to spot some sperm whales! The weather was dismal the following day, so we count ourselves very lucky that we flew on a gorgeous day. And the airplane people were really quite lovely. Anyone who is “mostly” mobile can probably find a way to clamber into one of the planes. One warning that we received is that the AA may not travel to Kaikoura, but we were lucky enough to have no issues with the vehicle or the drive.”