Freedom Mobility donates vehicle to Ride Your Trike

TikeInFreedomMobilityVan 353x470 - Freedom Mobility donates vehicle to Ride Your TrikeAt Freedom Mobility, we occasionally bid farewell to a vehicle or two, when it’s time to upgrade our fleet. While parting ways with our trusty vehicles may tug at our heartstrings, knowing they’ll continue to keep people mobile makes it easier.


So we were thrilled that one of our recent departing vehicles, would go to support the incredible initiative, Ride Your Trike, based in Hamilton and run by Liam Carter. Liam, who has cerebral palsy, established Ride Your Trike to give people who can’t easily ride a traditional two-wheel bike, due to disability, age, or the need for extra  stability, the independence and joy of getting around that his trike has provided him.


At the heart of Ride your Trike are the rental and sales of these three-wheel trikes, but it’s more than that, it’s a community movement. Liam and his team run in-school initiatives and host events across the Waikato region making sure everyone has the opportunity to try out these specially designed trikes.


Margaret Hawkes, our director at Freedom Mobility, has known Liam for a while and has always been impressed by his passion to help others become more independent and mobile.  Two of the values at the heart of Freedom Mobility’s reason for being as well. So, when it came time to retire one of our vehicles, donating it to Liam was a no-brainer. This vehicle will help Liam transport his trikes around Hamilton and beyond, allowing even more people to experience the freedom of mobility.

Liam’s work with Ride Your Trike is truly remarkable. By providing these specialised trikes, he is opening up new possibilities for those who might not be able to ride a conventional bike. His events and programs are bringing smiles and independence to many.

Let’s keep spreading the joy of mobility together!


You can find out more about Liam and his Ride Your Trike initiative at his website


RideYourTrikeVehilce 353x470 - Freedom Mobility donates vehicle to Ride Your TrikeMosesandLiamRideYourTrikeDonation 470x353 - Freedom Mobility donates vehicle to Ride Your TrikeLiaminFreedomMobilityVehicle 353x470 - Freedom Mobility donates vehicle to Ride Your Trike