A Day In The Life Of Our Driving Instructor Ange

There is no such thing as a normal working day for a driving instructor at Freedom Mobility. Every day is different with varying tasks and responsibilities. This ranges from giving lessons in hand control cars, driving all over NZ to deliver or collect a vehicle, meeting clients with a welcome sign at an airport or ferry terminal, cleaning and maintaining vehicles, admin duties, working with health providers and the list goes on.

You never know what each day will bring as things in this company change constantly and quickly. A phone call from Mission Control in the early morning could mean a drive from Christchurch to Invercargill to deliver a car and give a lesson to a client who desperately needs transport.

Or to take a wheelchair van to Burwood Spinal Unit to see if it will suit the client being discharged.

Or take a couple of different types of cars to a client’s house to trial.

Or rescue a tourist whose vehicle has broken down 4 hours drive away.

Or speak to a group of Occupational/Physical Therapists to showcase what Freedom Mobility can offer. And then give a few of them a lesson in a hand control car.

Or co-host at the annual Show Your Ability expo.

Or spend 2.5 hours giving a lesson to a client instead of the usual 1 hour because you know they can do it, they just need a bit more encouragement and practice.

Sometimes the tasks you do have nothing to do with a vehicle at all. Helping out a client in their everyday life is also part of the job. Like picking up bags of pellets for a pellet fire from Mitre 10 and then loading them into their garage.

Or feeding their chickens.

Or bringing in their washing.

Or helping them do their grocery shopping.

Or taking a parcel to NZ Post for them.

Or taking a stray wild cat to the SPCA after the client caught it in their house the night before.

Being a driving instructor is a great job but even more so at Freedom Mobility where life is never boring and helping people achieve independence is the goal. Best job ever!


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