Chrissy’s Last Drop Off Before National Lockdown

The morning of our last drop off began with a change of car as (in typical Freedom fashion) there was a last minute change in plan and a different car needed to go to Gisborne. Sefa had noticed a problem with an engine light so we thought it was best to have back up van with us.

While driving to Gisborne I noticed the change on the roads. There was less traffic and people seemed to be cautious, probably because it was the eve of lockdown. The people at the towns we passed through were lovely. They were all trying to get used to the upcoming lockdown and what it would mean for them and their communities.

Handing out the vehicle went well. We observed the 2 meter rule wherever possible and practiced good hygiene practices like the wiping down of the car before giving it to our client.

Arriving at our accommodation for the evening, the manager informed us of their new protocols. Only one person would be in the office and when checking out, we were to leave the key in the room and close the door behind us. It was really interesting to see how other businesses were handling COVID-19. It was an early night for me, I hadn’t realised how tired I was.

Day 2. Armed with gloves, masks and wipes, Sefa drove us home. It was really good to talk about the imminent lockdown and how our families were all preparing for the 4 weeks. We stopped a few times to check in with the rest of the Freedom team, to have our homemade lunch and for a bathroom break. The public bathrooms were so nice and clean, the nicest I’ve seen them.

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