Driving Success: A day of Strategy and Training for Freedom Mobility

Last week the entire Freedom Mobility team, spanning both the South and North Island, gathered in our humble company garage for a much anticipated in-person planning and training day.

More than just a chance to connect with each other the focus was on getting things done.  The day started with a bit of a strategic powwow ensuring we meet our commitment to keeping people mobile when they need it most, and provided a golden opportunity to introduce our new faces and remind our seasoned crew of the values that set us apart:  respect, integrity, passion, and professionalism.  And we took moments to celebrate out achievements and look at some of the challenges we have faced over the last six months.

The meeting wasn’t all serious business though; it was a chance for some hands-on safety training with our specialised equipment and modifications on our vans and cars. Our seasoned experts, Margaret, Ange and Frank were also on hand to mentor the newcomers, making them feel right at home at Freedom Mobility. Plus, it was a perfect moment for our highly experienced driving instructors to come together and swap useful tips.

Of course, no gathering at Freedom Mobility is complete without a fantastic spread laid out for the team, to keep us fueled and focused.    And amid all the serious discussion, there were plenty of laughs too – because we believe in working hard and having fun along the way.

MargaretHawkesStrategicFocus - Driving Success:  A day of Strategy and Training for Freedom Mobility

Margaret and Nic updating the team

It was another successful day of planning and training, packed with laughter, good food and great teamwork vibes.