Got a pre-Christmas injury? Your best gift could be one of our modified-control cars.

DSC 4852 470x313 - Got a pre-Christmas injury? Your best gift could be one of our modified-control cars.Most people vaguely know that they are more likely to get injured around their own home than anywhere else. But the scale and details involved are quite staggering. And it all takes an unwelcome tick upwards before Christmas.

ACC estimates that around 130,000 New Zealanders will end up recovering from a pre-Christmas injury over the holiday season. Ouch! And the number increases each year.

The causes are as many and varied as Christmas gift options, just a lot less welcome. ACC reckons 7.8% were caused by an animal, 12.7% from slipping, tripping or stumbling over, and just under 4% were caused by an object coming loose. I think we can add in the effect of the odd cheeky glass of something too.

Of course ending up with an injury just before the Christmas/New Year break can be a real downer. For some, it can severely affect what they need to get done before the event or even completely dash their holiday plans.

Enter the Freedom Mobility modified control car. Yes, there’s huge demand for our vehicles over the holiday season, but our fleet is growing all the time. And it just might be that one comes available right when you sprain your ankle/fracture your tibia/pull your Achilles/enter injury type here…

One key thing to note is that not every ACC case manager and consultant is fully aware that a hand-control or other modified car is an approved option. Some think they can only approve taxis to get you around, but that’s simply not the case. So if you do get injured and the independence offered by a modified-control car is what you really need, ask them politely to double check. It really can make an amazing difference, and even aid your recovery.

Here’s hoping you definitely won’t need one of our vehicles this Yuletide. But if you do, we’ll try our very best to get you on the road. Merry Christmas, from the Freedom Mobility team.