Full Independence

“I live rurally 20 minutes from Invercargill, have a full time job and my two year old is in full time home based daycare in town. My husband is away a lot for work. When I ruptured the Achilles on my right leg, playing sport, I was really concerned about how I could manage my life.

After a week at home, it was possible for me to return at my admin job, but I wondered how we could possibly make it all work?

That’s where the hand control car was the most amazing thing! It has been great. I was able to get back to full independence. Everyone on my netball team was amazed when I told them about it – it was such a good transport option, but no-one had heard about it before they saw my hire hand control car.

I think everyone with a temporary disability should be offered this option.”

B.H, Invercargill