Replacement vehicle while waiting modifications

Thank you for the easy way (for me anyway,) and efficient way you organised the loan car for me. I have been driving an automatic up until  now and this was the reason I suggested ACC may have allowed me a rental car. I had never, that I remember, heard of Freedom Mobility in the past 27 years! Maybe it was mentioned years ago?

The whole ‘thing’ worked good and stress free for me, Rob picked up my car as he passed  by me on the Sunday, Sefa turned up with the red Demio, and as we are 100kms from Napier Airport and there are no bus services here, unless one will stop at a pre-arranged spot the best way was to drive Sefa back to the Airport, although I feel he was enjoying his work that day!!!    It was a good exercise and proved to me that hand control is the way for to go, legs feel much better since I stopped trying to pedal with them!

While we had the little car we had to get to Wanganui for a family Funeral so this was a good time to ‘test’ this new hand controlled thing-me-bob out. After 300 or so kms I arrived home 100% more refreshed  than I would in the ‘normal’ car!

Thursday we took the red car to the Modifiers and picked up our Light Mauve Demio with the  radial hand control fitted.  An OT was  waiting here to give me a driving lesson.

Ah! Driving is 100% easier now and no stiff and sore legs.

Hank Hurley, Hawkes Bay