Achilles Injury, Broken Leg or Ankle Fracture – 3 Tips For Coping

An achilles injury, broken leg or ankle fracture that puts you in plaster for a couple of months can be frustrating! Small things you took for granted can become logistical nightmares. Sorting your day can be like planning a military manoeuvre.

Here are three things that our former clients have told us work for them:

  1. Hire a Hand Control Car:
    • Our qualified instructor will deliver the vehicle at a time that suits you and teach you to safely use the hand controls.
    • Ask ACC or enquire with us on: [email protected]
  2. Hire a knee scooter:
    • Give yourself a break from those crutches!
    • ACC will know of a local provider who can organise this.
  3. Use a Backpack:
    • Carry your gear weighted evenly and conveniently on your back, so that you always have what you need and you keep balance when using your crutches or knee scooter.