How Can I Live My Life With A Leg Injury?

Debbie rang us after finding Freedom Mobility with a desperate Google search for “How can I live my life with a leg injury?”

Debbie has a ruptured Achilles injury and was trying to cope with 3 children’s school runs, shopping and attending medical appointments. She lives just out of town and the public transport system was very disappointing – imagine trying to get on a bus with 3 children, buggy and a crutches!

Debbie’s injury was taking a long time to heal, and life had to get back to some kind of normality, friends and relatives can only be “on call” for so long.

Freedom Mobility delivered a vehicle to Debbie’s home address, one of our qualified instructors gave her a lesson, and within an hour Debbie was free to get on with all the usual day to day stuff people without an injury take for granted.

After the hire, Debbie said “Freedom Mobility you were a life saver, I don’t know how I would have managed without your vehicle”.

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