Despite the recent changes in alert levels around the country, the Freedom Team are still working hard to get our clients mobile. As we have been classified as an essential service, we are still able to operate throughout the country, even in locked down areas.


In order to ensure our clients safety, we have adopted all Ministry of Health guidelines and implemented the following precautions

  • All Team Members who can work from home must work from home.
  • Those who have been asked to be present in the workshop/office must maintain a 1 metre distance between yourself and others.
  • Team Members are to clean and sanitise shared surfaces regularly.
  • Team Members are to wash and sanitise hands regularly.
  • Team Members must stay home if sick. If team members have cold or flu like symptoms, they must call their doctor or Healthline and notify their manager.
  • Team Members are to take separate meal breaks.
  • Team Members must use gloves when possible.
  • If Team Members need to travel in a vehicle together, one must sit in the back seat and one in the driver’s seat.
  • Team Members must maintain a 2-metre distance between themselves and suppliers.
  • Team Members must maintain a 2-metre distance between themselves and clients wherever possible.
  • When interacting with suppliers and clients Team Members wear appropriate PPE (gloves and face covering).
  • When giving a driving lesson, Team Member must provide the client with a disposable face mask if they do not have their own.
  • Team Members must follow vehicle sanitisation process.
  • The last Team Member onsite each day must spray all door handles with sanitiser spray and empty rubbish bins into large council bins.
  • Team Members must ensure they use the Covid19 government tracer application and scan the QR code at any locations visited.