Disability Transport Frequently Asked Questions

Freedom Mobility provides rental cars to people with permanent or temporary disability, and those who care for people with disabilities. On this page we give answers to the most common questions people ask about driving in New Zealand with a disability.

If you have a question about hiring a mobility vehicle that is not answered below, please contact us.

I have broken my leg and am unable to drive my own vehicle, can you help?

Yes, we can provide you with a hire car with hand-controls and a steering-wheel spinner. Our driving instructor can provide lessons in this style of driving after which you can be mobile using our vehicle until your injury heals and… read more

My right leg is in plaster and the doctor recommends a left foot accelerator vehicle, is this something you provide?

Yes, we provide left foot accelerator vehicles. After a lesson or two with our driving instructor you will be free to drive using our left foot accelerator car.

I run my own business and require knee surgery. How can you get me back to work as soon as possible?

Contact us before your surgery. That way we can reserve a suitable vehicle for you. Once your surgery is completed, we will be in touch to arrange a suitable time to deliver a hand-control or left foot accelerator vehicle. After… read more

I’m about to have hand surgery and my surgeon says my left arm needs to be immobile for six weeks. Do you offer an alternative to my own manual car?

We provide automatic cars with steering wheel spinners and indicator extensions. These vehicles enable you to drive safely while your arm is immobilised.

My own hand control vehicle is at the panel beaters for a fortnight. Can you provide a suitable courtesy car for me?

We have a range of vehicles that are often used for this purpose. Let us know the type of controls you usually use and we’ll endeavour to provide the same style on our rental car. By the way, many insurance… read more

My elderly relative is in residential care. Do you offer a weekend hire so we can go out and about as a whole family?

We certainly can! In your case we’ll provide an automatic wheelchair hoist van with enough seating the whole family – then the journey together can be as enjoyable as the event at your destination!

I’m an expat coming home to visit my elderly mother. I would like to take her out and about during my stay. Can I hire a vehicle that will take a wheelchair?

Yes, we provide automatic wheelchair vehicles of various sizes. Having a rental vehicle will enable you to be spontaneous, so you can travel on a whim, decide to make the best of a sunny day, or go out when people… read more

My wife has a degenerative disease and has difficulty getting in and out of a car seat. What options might you suggest?

We provide vehicles with electric seats which swing right out of the car to the exact height of your wife’s wheelchair. This type of seat can make transfers a breeze. The wheelchair can be stowed in the rear of the… read more

I’m from the UK and drive at home with a left foot accelerator. Do you have cars with this feature that we can use on holiday in New Zealand? Can the vehicle also be driven normally by my wife?

We provide a variety of left foot accelerator vehicles. All of these vehicles also have right foot accelerators. When the left foot accelerator is in use, the right foot accelerator flips up, and vice versa. Therefore both you and your… read more

We enjoy camping and will be traveling with a lot of luggage. We would like to tow a trailer. Can I hire a vehicle with a tow bar from you?

Yes, we have a number of modified cars and people movers which have tow bars fitted. Our vans usually have wheelchair hoists at the rear and therefore cannot be fitted with tow bars. Call us to discuss your requirements –… read more