Disability Transport Frequently Asked Questions

Freedom Mobility provides rental cars to people with permanent or temporary disability, and those who care for people with disabilities. On this page we give answers to the most common questions people ask about driving in New Zealand with a disability.

If you have a question about hiring a mobility vehicle that is not answered below, please contact us.

I drive with hand controls and as I get older I have trouble stowing my wheel chair in the car. What can you suggest?

We can usually come up with solutions for people in your situation. Usually we need to find out more about the make and model of your chair. If the hire is of some length we may choose to fit out… read more

At home, our parking has limited headroom. (We live in an apartment with an underground car park). I would like to hire a wheelchair vehicle from you, what do you suggest?

Depending on your seated height in your wheelchair, we can usually provide a car derived van with a ramp, such as a Renault Kangoo, or a Vauxhall Combo. These 3 seats + wheelchair passenger vehicles have the height low enough… read more

We have a child with a disability. We don’t want to drive a large vehicle; do you have smaller option that would make him feel closer to us?

A Renault Kangoo or a Vauxhall Combo can feel car-like to drive and can provides easy communication between driver and rear passengers. This might be an option worth considering?

I’m a travel agent and I’ve been asked to provide a tour for a party of 6 including a wheelchair user. A regular vehicle is not an option. Can you help?

We provide suitable vehicles to many travel groups, including tours run by travel agents. Give us a call and we’ll work together to find a travel solution for your group.

We’re coming to Auckland on a cruise ship. Can we hire a hand-control car and have it delivered to the ship for our arrival?

Yes, we will meet you as you disembark so you can make the most of your stay in port.

I am a wheelchair user and I am required to fly to other centres for my work. Could you provide a hand control car for me? At which airports is this possible?

We have hand control cars available at Auckland, Christchurch and Queenstown airports. At certain times of the year we also have vehicles based in Wellington and Dunedin. Contact us with your requirements and we’ll do our best to find a… read more

I am at home recovering from a spinal injury. I do not yet have my own vehicle, could I hire one of yours?

You certainly can hire a wheelchair vehicle or hand-control car from us. Often ACC and other health providers will pay the cost of this. You will find us much more cost effective than taxis.

ACC are in the process of purchasing and modifying a vehicle for me. In the meantime I can only use taxis, which are not very flexible, do you have an alternative solution?

We can provide an interim hire vehicle while you await the arrival of your own. Ask us for a quote and we will work together on a solution. One thing for sure, you will find it a cost effective alternative… read more

I need to use taxis until I have my own vehicle. However, these are not always available at the time I need them. Do you hire vehicles like taxis?

We hire wheelchair accessible vehicles and hand control cars which either you or a family member/caregiver can drive. The difference between taxis and our option is that taxi companies provide a driver, need to be booked ahead of time, and… read more

I find taxi travel quite uncomfortable, what other options are available to me?

We provide a large variety of wheelchair accessible vehicles. Give us a call and we’ll discuss what causes you discomfort and then endeavour to address those concerns. In all of our wheelchair vans the wheelchair passenger travels as far towards… read more