Disability Transport Frequently Asked Questions

Freedom Mobility provides rental cars to people with permanent or temporary disability, and those who care for people with disabilities. On this page we give answers to the most common questions people ask about driving in New Zealand with a disability.

If you have a question about hiring a mobility vehicle that is not answered below, please contact us.

Can I hire a vehicle and driver for a one-off appointment?

You can hire a vehicle, but we do not usually provide drivers with them. You will need to either drive our vehicle yourself or arrange for a family member or caregiver to drive our vehicle.

The wheelchair taxi service in my town stops at 5pm. I want a nightlife! What can you offer?

Hire one of our vehicles – they actually cost less overall than taxis. Then get out and boogie!

Taxis in my town are fine. However, at Christmas and during the summer I need to visit my family in another town. Could I hire one of your vehicles for this?

Many clients use our wheelchair accessible vehicles to go on holiday or to visit family. The journey can often be a fun road trip with friends and family. Just make sure you enquire well ahead of the peak holiday season… read more

Our rest home vehicle is getting unreliable. Is leasing an alternative, and what is covered?

We have several vans out on long-term lease to retirement homes and educational institutions. Talk to us about reduced rates for long term leases. If you hire from us, all servicing, hoist servicing, mechanical repairs, warrants and RUCs for diesel… read more